Finnish Teacher Training Schools - FTTS

We don’t need inspections or ranking lists
– in teachers we trust!

Making a difference in teacher education

In the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) international comparison studies conducted by OECD member states, Finnish comprehensive schools’ learning outcomes are rated as excellent.

More structured teacher training than anywhere else?
Finnish teacher training schools have a high degree of autonomy. The close relationship between theory and practice forms the basis for the entire concept of teacher education, so educational and didactic theory is applied in practice. The functional connection between the teacher training schools, departments of teacher education and other university departments allows student teachers to start practically applying theoretical knowledge from the early stages of their studies.

Why does Finland do so well in PISA? 
Teachers working at every level of education are well trained and strongly committed to their work. All teachers are required to hold a Master’s degree, and initial teacher training includes teaching practice. The teaching profession is highly respected and popular in Finland, making it possible to select the best students. Teachers also have autonomy in their work.


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Mr. Heikki Ervast
FTTS Chairperson
University of Lapland
heikki.ervast (at)

Mr. Sampo Forsström
FTTS Coordinator
University of Eastern Finland
sampo.forsstrom (at)