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Research-based teacher education
Every teacher in Finland holds a Master’s degree as a minimum requirement. Teacher training is organised in a unique way at eight universities throughout Finland. The universities are autonomous, but they have something in common: every student teacher participates in a teaching practice at a university teacher training school. The teacher training schools, which belong to the universities’ faculties of education, play a central role in the training of prospective teachers. University-based teacher training programmes in Finland are very popular. In 2016, over 6600 applicants competed for the 660 available slots in primary school preparation programmes. There are 8000 student teachers in Finnish teacher training schools, and every year around 3000 student teachers complete their teaching practice at these institutions.

Not only are student teachers expected to become familiar with the knowledge base of education and human development; they are also required to write a research-based dissertation as the final requirement for their Master’s degree. Finland’s teacher training programmes reflect the high status of teachers and the professional reputation of the teaching profession.


Teachers’ skills in communications technology
Finnish teacher training schools offer international networks the use of their expertise. One of the most important tasks is to meet the education needs of teacher trainers in the field of information and communications technology. This also helps to keep the teachers tutoring the teachers up to date in terms of new virtual working methods and equipment. The network based service concepts that offer new tools and create new models for modern teacher training tasks are an essential part of the operation. We aim to combine the strengths of Finnish teacher training by means of the network’s expertise and public portal services.


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Mr. Heikki Ervast
FTTS Chairperson
University of Lapland
heikki.ervast (at) lapland.fi

Mr. Sampo Forsström
FTTS Coordinator
University of Eastern Finland
sampo.forsstrom (at) uef.fi