What is eNorssi?
eNorssi is the Finnish acronym for the network of Finnish Teacher Training Schools. eNorssi was founded in 2000 initially just to encourage cooperation among teacher training schools. It then expanded its mission to be a resource centre for all Finnish schools. In recent years, eNorssi’s aim has been to offer expertise not only in Finland but also internationally.

What is eNorssi’s chief goal?
One of the most important tasks of eNorssi is to meet the education needs of the teacher trainers in the field of information and communications technology. This also helps to keep the teachers tutoring the teacher training up to date with new virtual working methods and equipment. The network-based service concepts that offer new tools and create new models for modern teacher training tasks are an essential part of the project’s operation. eNorssi aims to combine the strengths of Finnish teacher training by means of the network’s expertise and public portal services.

Experiments and research
The teaching experiments and educational research connected to teaching practice aim to create an innovative and analytical attitude among prospective teachers. In addition to teaching practice, student teachers are expected to participate in all everyday activities of schools, including curriculum planning, student evaluation, student counselling and welfare, etc. Many teacher training schools cooperate with various partners in international, multicultural and intercultural projects. Some teacher training schools offer the International Baccalaureate Programme at upper secondary school-level.

The duties of teacher training schools

  • Provision of teaching
  • Supervision and tutoring of student teachers
  • Teaching experiments and research
  • Provision of in-service education

Collaboration with universities

  • Organisation of teacher training
  • Development and implementation of curricula, particularly teacher training
  • Provision of in service education for teachers
  • Collaboration with municipality curriculum and development
  • Pupils
  • Special needs pupils
  • Afternoon activities
  • Healthcare
  • Preschool

Features that all Finnish teacher training schools share

  • Classes that follow a specialised curriculum (e.g. Visual arts, English, Music, etc.)
  • e-Learning
  • International cooperation
  • Active citizenship (a pupils’ council, etc.)
  • Development of teaching methods (e.g. Maths, Physics, etc.)
    Results are presented in the publication series of the schools and eNorssi.

The eNorssi management group

The management group includes Tapio Heino (chairperson, also FTTS Chairperson), Ari Myllyviita, Hannu Juuso, Marjut Kleemola, Juha Turpeinen, Petteri Mulari and Mikko Horila (eNorssi Project coordinator, also FTTS coordinator). Operations are based on well organised team work. Independent teams are responsible for their own development sector.


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Mr Tapio Heino
FTTS Chairperson
University of Turku
tapio.heino (at)utu.fi

Mr Sampo Forsström
FTTS Coordinator
University of Eastern Finland
sampo.forsstrom (at) uef.fi